Precision is in the detail. Since 1889.

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“Quality is the product of attention to detail.”

Andreas Tenzer, German philosopher

Our Company

GSR Gustav Stursberg GmbH is your manufacturer for high quality thread cutting tools. With 130 years of operating experience in the field of threading tool production, our portfolio includes a large selection of products for many different areas of application. Whether for threading in home or professional use, for model making or the restoration of vintage cars – you will certainly find what you are looking for here.

GSR taps, twist drills, dies and holding tools are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The constant quality control during the manufacturing processes guarantees a constant good quality in all manufacturing plants at home and abroad. This requires enormous precision, which is reflected in our tools.

Because: Precision is in the detail. Since 1889.

Our history

Already in 1889 , the company Gustav Stursberg was founded in Remscheid, Germany. At the beginning, roll forged taps and die stocks were produced. There was no independent sales division at that time. Over the years, however, Remscheider exporters began to ship the “GUSURE” products all over the world. Only in the 1970s , an independent sales unit slowly began to develop in order to manage the increasing demand of wholesale and retail in GSR products in Germany and abroad professionally.

Product qualities and productions have also been a subject to change over the course of time. In the past, tools were mainly made of silver steel. Later, high speed steel gained more and more in importance. Nowadays, most of our products are made from HSS.

Founder: Gustav Stursberg (1893)

Unternehmensphilosophie: Wer ist GSR Gustav Stursberg?


Tradition meets Innovation

We are a German manufacturer with modern production technology and dynamic innovative strength from the tool city Remscheid with competence from experience since 1889 . We want to think products further: improve the tried and tested and create something new.


Innovation meets Efficiency

We offer you a solid promise of quality through an optimal price-performance ratio. You can rely on a German, family-run, medium-sized company.


Efficiency meets Sustainability

Using scarce resources wisely is the link between economic efficiency and environmental protection. This was and is the maxim of our actions.


Sustainability meets Design

When you can’t leave anything out, the goal of good design is achieved.


Design meets precision

Form always follows function and our function is good threads with GSR threading tools, because precision is in the detail when threading, thread measuring and thread repair.

We are certified

Our mission statement

  • We act on the basis of honesty, fairness and loyalty.
  • We are committed to sustainable business processes in order to protect our environment.
  • We follow the legal rules of product safety, occupational health and safety and data protection.
  • We improve the quality of our work.
  • We avoid errors and strive for zero errors.
  • We name the problems, find solutions and achieve results.
  • We treat each other well and seek open discussion.
  • We maintain a friendly relationship with our suppliers and our customers and offer the best possible service.
  • Our customers trust in our work. That is the reason why they give us orders. Our main task is to meet your requirements.
  • Our clients pay our salaries.

We have a common goal: to be successful!

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