The availability of powerful cordless screwdrivers has increased significantly in recent years. Therefore it was obvious to check which requirements are necessary to cut threads with cordless screwdrivers. This resulted in a new product range called e-Tapping.

The e stands for electric or electronic and Tapping is derived from the English term for tap. The e-Tapping range includes an adapter programme for internal and external thread cutting as well as taps and dies optimised for this area. E-Tapping ranges and workshop stands complete the new range. In addition to the use of taps in stationary machine tools and the classic hand tool, we are now the first and only manufacturer to have developed a complete e-Tapping range.

e-Tapping Thread Cutting Cordless Drill

With the GSR e-Tapping series, you can quickly and easily cut or regroove threads with the cordless drill.

The SC adapter is suitable for external threads. The QC adapter is suitable for internal threads.

You can find more information here: GSR e-Tapping SC-Adapter and QC-Adapter

Weitere Infos erhalten Sie hier: GSR e-Tapping SC-Adapter und QC-Adapter