The availability of powerful cordless drill drivers has increased considerably in recent years. It was therefore obvious to check which requirements are necessary to cut threads with cordless drill bits. This is how a new range with the name e-tapping came into being. 

The e stands for electric or electronic and tapping is derived from the English term for tap. The e-Tapping range includes an adapter programme for internal and external thread cutting as well as taps and dies optimised for this area.

E-Tapping assortments and workshop stands round off the new range. In addition to the use of taps in stationary machine tools and the classic hand tool, we are now the first and only manufacturer to have developed a complete e-Tapping range.

We distinguish between: QC adapters for internal threads and SC adapters for external threads.

QC adapter internal thread

The GSR QC adapter and a cordless drill can be used for mobile internal threading.

SC adapter external thread

The GSR SC adapter is the counterpart to the QC adapter. It can be used to cut and recut external threads.

SC Threading adapter e-Tapping

Cut a clean external thread easily and precisely with the SC thread cutting adapter!

Explosionszeichnung aller Komponenten des SC-Adapters inklusive Schneideisen, Führung mit Spänecontainer und Akkuschrauber

Your advantages


This tool combination lets you easily and precisely produce a clean external thread. It consists of three components:

  • GSR SC tap adapter for external threads, a tool from our e-Tapping series
  • The practical GSR die guides with chip container, specially designed for use in the SC adapter
  • High-quality GSR Silver cutting round dies, for even the most demanding cutting tasks

✅   Can be used with a standard cordless drill (Bosch, Makita, Fein, Metabo, etc.)

✅   Immediately ready for use, hardly any set-up time

✅   Fast & precise external thread cutting

✅  Gauge threaded bolts

SC-Adapter overview

1. TURNING CLAMP RING for easy gripping of round dies

2. ARRESTING SCREW for correct positioning of the round die

3. “SMART CHANGE” SYSTEM Ball clamping system for quickchanging of the cutting dies

4. GUIDE SLOT for the inclusion of cutting iron guides

5. MEASURING SCALE for measuring the thread length

6. THREE-JAW SHANK for optimal hold intriple-jawlining.

Übersichtsgrafik SC-Adapter mit Dreiflächenschaft und den Produktbesonderheiten
Erklärgrafik: Schneideisen-Führungen mit Spänecontainer und Bolzenführung

Guide with chip box

1. GUIDE TUBE  for the perpendicular gate

2. CHIP CONTAINER for collecting coarse chips

These GSR die guides according to factory standard have an integrated chip container. Due to the larger distance from the cutting iron to the guide tube, there is no jamming of the chips, which would be the case with a conventional guide.

The guide tube was perfectly adapted to the pre-working diameter of the thread to be cut.

Thus, a straight gate is guaranteed!

GSR Silver Round Dies

1. PITCH CUTTING ON BOTH SIDES  for good chip removal.

2. LARGER GATE DIAMETER To chamfer the bolt is no longer necessary.

3. GROUNDED THREAD for burr-free and smoother cuts


Erklärgrafik: GSR Silver Schneideisen HSS Vaporisiert und die Produktbesonderheiten

SC-Adapter Sets

7 piece GSR Silver die set

  • GSR Silver round dies M3 – M12
  • Particularly suitable for machine use
  • Box made of impact- and break-resistant polypropylene plastic with contour-milled foam insert

7 piece GSR SC adapter set M3 – M10

  • GSR SC tap adapter for external threads
  • Tapping guides with chip container M3 – M10
  • Box made of impact and break-resistant polypropylene plastic with contour-milled foam insert

QC Tapping Adapter e-Tapping

Cut a clean internal thread easily and precisely with the QC thread cutting adapter!


Your advantages


The tool holder with the quick-change inserts for
DIN standardised short machine taps, hand taps and machine taps enables the cutting of internal threads with cordless screwdrivers. You can change the taps with one click.

QC-ADAPTER 9 mm hexagonal shank

QUICK-CHANGE INSERTS suitable for square shafts according to DIN 10 up to 8.5 mm

SAFETY SLIPPING CLUTCH integrated and infinitely adjustable

Perfect internal thread cutting

The combination of:

✅  GSR Tapping QC Adapter

✅  Quick change insert

✅  Machine tap

Übersichtsbild etapping: Maschinen-Gewindebohrer rechtspirale mit QC-Adapter und Akku

QC-Adapter Sets

Produktbild seitlich: Metall-Werkstattständer mit QC-Adapter, Schnellwechsleinsätzen und passende Maschinen-Gewindebohrer Artikelnumer 00666

Tapping QC adapter set with workshop stand

  • GSR SC-Tapping Adapter internal threadings
  • Quick change inserts with integrated safety slip clutch
  • Tapping liquid 100 ml
  • Machine tap Silver DIN 371/ DIN 376
Produktbild QC-Adapter komplett Set mit Schnellwechseleinsätzen etapping in schwarzer Kunststoff-Kassette

7 piece QC adapter internal tapping set

  • GSR SC tap adapter
  • Quick change inserts with integrated safety slip clutch
  • Box made of impact- and break-resistant polypropylene plastic with contour-milled foam insert