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Innovation by GSR

After the innovation is before the innovation! Are you already curious which new products from GSR will be launched next?
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GSR Adjustable Mini Winch M1-M3 with Centring Eye

The adjustable mini tap wrench with centring level is perfect for delicate tapping of metric threads in sizes M1 – M3.

The removable centring eye helps with plumb alignment. Perfect for goldsmiths, jewellers and modelers.

GSR Gating Helper

GSR Gating Helper: How to cut large external threads plumb! 

Find out all about our latest invention from the GSR ideasmiths.

GSR Silver all-steel tap with centring eye

GSR Silver steel holding tools:The complement to the zinc-pressure versions. The new adjustable tap wrenches in steel design with centring eye also achieve higher torques compared to conventional tool holders.

The holding handles are also made of steel. In addition, the steel winch bar contains arecessed spirit level (centring eye).

Blaue GSR Windeisen komplett aus Stahl mit versenktem Zentrierauge Libelle
Übersichtsbild Neuheit blaue Haltewerkzeuge mit schwarzen Griffen auf grauen Hintergrund

GSR silver tool holders

GSR tool holders: Tradition meets innovation!
Compared to conventional toolholders, the performance of the new holding tools has increased considerably. Through a combination of improved geometry and optimized die casting process, the GSR Silver products achieve up to 120% higher torques!

In addition, we have adapted our entire production process for the manufacture of the new holding tools in order to minimise environmental impact. The best thing about it: every working step is 100% from GSR!

Guides for hand taps and dies

Nothing is more annoying than cutting a thread and perhaps even destroying its tool in the process. In order to prevent a crooked approach, we would like to introduce these tools to you: Hand tap guides and die guides.

The advantages are that the internal and external threads are cut perpendicularly. Are you curious? Here you can find more information about our new product.

Detailbild: GSR Handgewindebohrer Führungen und Gewindeschneider in unterschiedlichen Größen zum Innengewindeschneiden
Übersichtsbild SC-Adapter, Spänecontainer-Führung, Schneideisen und Bolzen auf grauen Hintergrund

SC-Adapter e-Tapping for external threads

The new SC-Adapter for external threads is another product of our GSR think tank. As a new addition to our e-Tapping series, the SC-Adapter is the counterpart to the GSR QC-Adapter.

With the GSR SC thread cutting adapter, external threads can be cut or re-cut very conveniently in combination with a cordless drill/driver. The e-Tapping series is particularly suitable for metalworking companies, such as metal fabricators, gate system builders, locksmiths, construction technicians, system fitters, assembly mechanics, etc.

QC-Adapter e-Tapping for internal threads

With the new GSR QC thread cutting adapter a precise internal thread cutting according to DIN standard is possible with a cordless screwdriver. Machine taps, cut-in taps as well as hand taps can be clamped and unclamped in the quick-change insert with a click.

Due to its 9 mm hexagonal shaft, the QC adapter can be clamped in all common cordless screwdrivers with continuously adjustable torque. The QC adapter is part of the new e-Tapping series.

Übersichtsbild QC-Adapter, Akku-Bohrschrauber und Innengewinde in Edelstahl auf grauen Hintergrund
Übersichtsbild aller Silver Maschinen-Gewindebohrer auf grauen Hintergrund

GSR Silver machine tap

GSR Silver machine taps stand for precisely coordinated production processes with state-of-the-art machine tools for highest precision. Coating processes of the latest technology optimise the already
already long service life of the GSR high performance tools.

Our new GSR Silver taps are ground fully automatically on state-of-the-art machines directly from the bar. Due to the modern grinding technology with CBN wheels we obtain high edges and form stability.

Tool holder with centering eye

The new GSR tool holder with centering eye has – like all other tool holders in our product portfolio – a reversible ratchet. Furthermore, the tool holder bodies are completely made of steel and are equipped with a slider which is adjustable for both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.

The special feature of our tool holder with centering eye is the head. A spirit level was installed there for better alignment.

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