GSR Silver Machine Tap

    GSR Silver machine taps for through holes and blind holes belong to the GSR Silver premium line and stand for precisely coordinated production processes.

    They are ground fully automatically on state-of-the-art machines directly from the bar. The modern grinding technology with CBN wheels gives the cutting tools a high edge stability as well as dimensional stability.

    In addition, the latest coating processes ensure an even longer service life for the GSR machine taps.

    The combination of the latest manufacturing technologies, the best high-speed steels and sophisticated cutting geometry results in machine taps of the highest quality.

    In terms of tool life and production results, our Silver machine tap product line is the top product in GSR manufacturing.

    We distinguish here between machine taps for through holes (DuLo) and sack holes (SaLo).

    GSR Silver machine tap for through holes and blind holes


      Silver machine tap
      for through holes (DuLo)

      Our machine taps specially developed for through holes have a peel cut and straight flutes (form B with 3.5 – 6 flute cut).

      The new geometry of the GSR Silver ensures reduced friction, lower risk of breakage and improved chip removal through polished flutes.

      The chip is broken by the peel cut and removed from the bottom of the hole.


      Silver machine taps
      for blind holes (SaLo)

      The machine taps for blind holes, on the other hand, are equipped with spiral flutes at an angle of 35 degrees (form C RSP 35° with 2-3 grand cut).

      Of course, these also have the advantages of the new geometry, namely lower reduced friction, lower risk of breakage as well as improved chip removal due to polished flutes.

      In the version for blind holes, the chip is conveyed out of the top of the hole when the thread is cut.


        All product advantages of the machine taps at a glance

        • Reduced friction in the thread
        • Reduced risk of breakage
        • The risk of deformation in the thread is almost eliminated
        • Better chip evacuation due to polished flutes
        • Available for through holes and blind holes
        • Three different surface coatings


          Coating of the GSR Silver machine taps

          GSR offers three different coatings to adapt the cutting tools to your specific manufacturing conditions:

          Titanium nitride coating (TiN)

          The TiN coating has been the first choice for coating taps for years and has also established itself as an “all-round” coating. The coating reduces the coefficient of friction and the tendency to cold welding.

          Aluminium titanium nitride coating (AlTiN)

          The AlTiN coating is used especially for high cutting data. The high hardness of this coating in combination with its resistance to oxidation at high temperatures enables demanding cutting operations in which extreme temperatures are generated both at the cutting edges and by chips flowing off. It can therefore be used with minimum quantity lubrication up to dry machining.

          Chrome aluminium coating (AlCro)

          Die AlCro Beschichtung bietet hohe Härte in Kombination mit ausgezeichneter Temperaturbeständigkeit und Duktilität. Sie hat sich bei Zerspanungsoperationen hervorragend bewährt und sorgt für bessere Werkzeug-Standzeiten und hohe Oberflächenqualitäten.