GSR Silver tool holders

    At GSR we constantly strive for improvement. Therefore, we have rethought a well-known product. Two aspects were at the forefront: a higher performance as well as a more environmentally friendly production method. The result is impressive:

    The new GSR silver tool holders with matt black handles and a light blue body. From idea to completion, every single step was ”100% made by GSR”. Look forward with us to a beautiful and powerful product!



      • Up to 120% higher torque compared to conventional tool holders!
      • Comprehensive comparison: GSR Silver tool holders vs. standard tools
      • All innovations and advantages at a glance!
      • All sizes at a glance!


        Round die holder
        acc. to DIN EN 22568

        GSR Silver Schneideisenhalter in der Produktion beim

        Adjustable tap wrench
        acc. to DIN 1814

        Übersichtsbild GSR Silver Haltewerkzeuge in Blau in allen Größen

        100% made by GSR


        From 3D model to prototype


        Environmentally friendly production


        Certified performance improvement


        Sustainable packaging solution

        Zeichnung des Werkzeugkörpers der Schneideisenhalter in Wabenform

        Round die holder acc. to DIN EN 22568


          GSR Silver Schneideisen mit Beschriftungsmerkmalen und Produktbesonderheiten

          1. KNURLED HANDLES for better grip during the work process

          2. INCREASED PERFORMANCE through improved geometry of the tool body: the honeycomb shape

          3. BURNISHED FIXING SCREWS for safe securing of the round die

          4. ZINC DIE-CAST BODY made of Zamak 5 with environmentally friendly powder coating

          The elegant honeycomb design defines the visual impression of the new GSR tool holders. But this modern look also has a solid technical background:

          The geometric shape of the tool body makes the tool holders more resilient by a multiple compared to tools without the honeycomb design. For example, the adjustable tap wrenches are up to 80% more resilient, die holders even up to 120%.

          In addition to that, the tool body is made of the zinc die-cast alloy Zamak 5 in a hot-chamber die-casting process. Zamak 5 has a lower ductility than other alloys and an overall higher tensile strength. This prevents blowholes (defective cavities in castings), which results in products with particularly close tolerances and sophisticated surfaces. However, the improved performance is not at the expense of the environment: Zamak 5 has a very low melting point, is resource-efficient, and recyclable.

          The tool body surface is then finished with a baked powder coating in light blue. Together with the matt black handles, the entire product gets the characteristic GSR brand look. Like all tools of the GSR silver product line, the new tool holders are of high-quality workmanship, durable, and universally applicable.

          A direct comparison of the fractures makes it clear: the new GSR silver product (right) has, unlike the
          conventional product (left), no cavities, so-called blowholes.
          Vergleichsbild und Querschnitt der Lunker in den alten und neuen Haltewerkzeugen
          Zeichnung vom Innen-Gewindeschneiden mit Windeisen und eingespannten Gewindebohrer

          Adjustable tap wrench acc. to DIN 1814


            1. WORKING HOLE for mounting the spindle toggle and clamping with higher torque

            2. GUIDE GROOVE for holding the cotter pin and stabilizing the jaw

            3. CLAMPING JAWS precision-eroded and hardened, for safe clamping of square
            shank tools

            4. REFINED HANDLES by environmentally friendly burnishing and nitriding process

            The handles of the new tool holders are made of machining steel. After they were lathed on a CNC machine, the fine thread for the connection with the tool body was roll forged. The section at the end of the handles was further equipped with a cold-formed knurling to make the tool more grippy and prevent the hands from slipping during the working process. Finally, the handles were finished in black with an environmentally friendly burnishing and nitriding process.

            The adjustable tap wrench also has a so-called working hole in the unscrewable handle. A spindle toggle can be inserted there. This allows the clamping jaw to be tightened with a higher torque, yet with the same effort and the square shank tool to be better secured.

            The clamping jaws themselves have been precision-eroded and hardened. The movable jaw can be adjusted play-free via a fine thread. It was also equipped with a cotter pin. This safety device is located in a guide groove within the movable handle. This stabilises the jaw on the movable handle. The cotter pin in
            combination with the guide groove is used to secure the connector against axial displacement. This ensures the safe use of the tool at all time.

            GSr SIlver verstellbares Windeisen mit Beschriftungsmerkmalen
            Anwendungsbild: vaporisierter Maschinen-Gewindebohrer, Verlängerung und Linksausdreher eingespannt im Windeisen
            The clamping jaws for holding tools with a square shank according to DIN 10 are made of tool steel.
            They have been eroded and are therefore particularly precise.

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