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Our product developers are always at the pulse of time to solve problems that may still have arisen. This is innovation from GSR.

Innovation by the GSR think tank

Products further thought.
At GSR, we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible tools – this includes revising and improving existing products. With this approach, we try to create new and modern tools that make the customer’s work easier.

Results of our work include, for example, our original GSR tool holder with level vial, which makes it easier for the user to perpendicularly align the tap. Our e-Tapping series has been developed to enable a safe way of cutting threads with a cordless screwdriver. But these are just a few examples of products we have developed – and will develop.

News from the GSR think tank!

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From the idea…

Whenever we design a new product, the focus is always on the user. How can we make it easier for them to use a tool, how can we speed up the application process? In order to design the new tool, it is modelled in a 3D program. Not only is the tool visualized from every imaginable angle, but the resulting 3D file also forms the basis for the next steps in the Research & Development (R&D) phase.

Zeichnung Ideenschmiede Produkt Pilothalterung für die Anwendung an Schneideisenhalter
Ideenschmiede Produkt Pilothalterung für die Anwendung an Schneideisenhalter

…to the final product

From the 3D file of the tool we create a prototype with the help of a 3D printer. In this way, the haptics of the workpiece can also be checked and the accuracy of fit in the application ensured. Small errors can also be easily corrected by adjusting the 3D file. This process also makes it easier, and above all faster, to implement new ideas and improvements. Finally, the new tool is put into production and the product is completed.

Products from the GSR think tank

In the course of the last few years, GSR Gustav Stursberg GmbH has brought a number of new products onto the market. The following pictures show a few of them. For more information, please click on the respective picture or take a look at our GSR product innovations on our overview page!


GSR Silver machine tap

GSR Silver tool holders

Ganzstahl Windeisen mit Zentrierauge in rot, blau, grün

GSR SILVER all-steel tap wrench with centering eye

Do you have a special problem and no suitable tool is available?
Do you want to have a tool optimized but don’t know where to have it produced?

We offer you the perfect solution!

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