GSR Threading Helper

    The latest from the GSR think tank: The GSR Threading Helper.
    With this system, you get a tool that will be a great help when cutting external threads up to M36 and BSP / G 1 inch plumb.

    The GSR Threading Helper consists of three components: chip container, guide tube and pilot guide.

    These can be individually assembled to meet your needs.

    This concept has the advantage that existing systems can be expanded easily and cost-effectively.
    You can reorder used components individually.

    The GSR Threading Helper is not only a product innovation as a tool.

    Due to additive manufacturing, it is also an innovation in the area of sustainability.

    Die guide with chip container


      The system: GSR Threading Helper

      Assume you want to cut a workpiece size M16 by hand. For this you first need the set “Die guide with chip container for DIN dies M16”. This set consists of the guide tube M16 and the chip container 45/55.

      To connect this set to your GSR Silver die holder, you still need a pilot guide. The size of the pilot guide is based on the cutter holder. Let’s assume, for example, that you cut your external thread with the die M16 DIN EN 22568.

      Place the round die in the corresponding die holder, in our case the “Silver die holder for 45 × 18 dies”.
      For this die holder you now need the pilot guide size 8.

      After you have connected the pilot guide with the die guide with chip container and the die holder, nothing stands in the way of a plumb cut external thread.

      1. GSR Silver die holder

      All parts of the GSR Threading Helper are only compatible with the GSR Silver die holder.

      2. Pilot guide size 8

      Is the connection between the die holder and the die guide with chip container.

      3. Push & Turn

      Device for easy “push and turn” fixing.

      4. Chip container 45/55

      Prevents the chip from receding and thus destroying the thread.

      5. Tight Fit

      Two pins enable stable fixation of the guide tube.

      6. Fixation

      Double-sided locking option for left-hand and right-hand thread.

      7. Guide tube M16

      Fixes the system to the workpiece and allows plumb cutting.


        Pilot guide

        The pilot guide is the foundation of our GSR threadinghelper. It connects the system to the GSR Silver die holder. The pilot guide is available in eight different versions.

        Chip container

        The chip container is equipped with five to six chip holes, depending on the model. Their alignment allows for better chip evacuation, away from the thread to be cut.

        With its Push & Turn function, it also offers a very simple method of fixing in the pilot guide.

        Guide tube

        Guide tubes are available in both metric and pipe thread versions. They also have a very simple and intuitive option for fastening to the chip container. They can be locked in place on both sides, so that they can be fixed either clockwise or anticlockwise.

        The tables in the newsletter show which guide tubes can be combined with which chip containers.

        Sets for metric thread and BSP pipe thread

        You need three components to get started with the GSR gating assistant: the pilot guide, the chip container and the guide tube. With this system, you can cut external threads up to a metric size of M36 and BSP pipe threads up to a size of G 1 plumb and true for the first time.

        All products – pilot guide, chip container and guide tubes – are available as individual products or sets. Details on the individual products and the combination options can be found here. Please note that the GSR Gating Helper is only compatible with the die holder of the GSR Silver line.