Product launch

Plumb thread cutting with threading guides

Plumb threading with our guides

Threads that are true to plumb can now be produced process-safely with our guides for internal and external threads.

We owe these small but important product innovations to the constant exchange with professional end users in industry as well as in the trade.

The GSR guides prevent cut threads already during the cutting process. We have developed guides for both manual thread cutting and machine thread cutting.

An overview of all available guides can be found in Newsletter 16, which you can download in the Download area.

Detailed operating instructions for the respective guided tours can be downloaded free of charge here.

You can buy our tours here in the shop.

A summary of all 4 guides: Guides for hand taps and dies

GSR die guides with chip container for 25×9 dies.
GSR pilot guide
GSR die guides
GSR Hand tap guides