The company GSR is a manufacturer of high-quality thread cutting tools. Choose from thread cutting, drilling, countersinking and measuring. We offer you a large selection for different application areas. Our main focus is on the following tools:

Tools for external threads

We offer dies in all sizes for cutting external threads as well as cutting nuts for re-cutting threads. We also offer suitable holding tools such as tool holders, die holders and adjustable tap irons.

Tools for internal threads

For cutting the internal thread, we can supply you with machine, cutting and hand taps. Machine taps are available in various designs for blind and through holes as well as for soft, medium-hard and hard materials. Hand taps are offered as two- or three-piece sets with pre-, medium- and finish cutters.

Tools for thread repair

Our assortment also includes tools for thread repair. Here we offer you screw extractor kits or multi-part thread repair kits in all sizes.

Tool assortments in metal boxes

We also offer an extensive range of tools in metal cassettes. From small seven-piece sets to 110-piece sets – we have the right set for you!

Drilling tools

Choose from our range of twist drills, core drills, centring drills, sheet metal peeling drills and step drills. You will also receive the drills as a set in handy metal cassettes.

You can find interesting information about thread cutting in our GSR-Blog. Also visit our online shop! If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.

Machine tap

The latest generation of machine taps: The GSR-Silverlinie product line

Our latest generation machine taps are the result of state-of-the-art coating technology, excellent cutting geometry and the best high speed steel.

The advantages of these machine taps are clearly their long service life and innovative cutting geometry. These reduce thread friction and minimize the risk of breakage. The risk of deformation in the thread is negligible. In addition, polished grooves in the machine taps ensure better chip removal. The different coating options of the GSR-Silverlinie can be adapted to meet specific needs and customer requirements.

The GSR-Silverlinie machine taps are available for through holes and blind holes. The machine taps for through holes have a peel cut and straight grooves. The chip is removed from the bottom of the hole.

Whereas the machine taps for blind holes, the GSR-Silverlinie product line, have a spiral groove. Here the chip removal takes place above the borehole. Further information is available here.