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Robust steel tap wrench with level

New product 2021: Robust steel tap wrenches with spirit level

We continue with a new product improvement from our think tank: The GSR adjustable tap wrenches are completely made of steel (twill and toggle) and feature a recessed centring eye. These new all-steel tap wrenches with centring eye are part of the precious GSR-Silver range and are designed for the highest demands.

The new design of the tap wrenches is specially designed for working with high torques. The tool body is cast entirely from high-quality stainless steel and guarantees greater resistance. The adjustable clamping jaw is hardened and is adjusted process-safe and backlash-free via guide grooves milled into the handle. This allows the square shanks to be clamped securely, as with a tap, for example. The holding handles are also made of steel and have a working hole as well as knurls at the toggle ends. In addition, the steel tap wrench contains arecessed bubble level (centring eye) that allows the user to correctly align the tap.

These adjustable tap wrenches in complete steel design and with centring eye are designed for the following threading tools with square drive:

  • Metric taps according to DIN 352 for M1 – M90
  • Industrial pipe taps according to DIN 5157 for (BSP) G 1/8 – 3″
  • Industrial taps according to DIN 2184-2 UNC / UNF / BSW / W 1/16 – 3″

The all-steel tap wrenches are manufactured according to DIN and available in all sizes (No. 0 – 8).

More detailed information, technical tables and application notes on the all-steel tap wrenches with centring eye can be found on this page:

This product can be customised in colour for dealers and major customers according to CI. Please contact our sales team via the contact form. We look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to help! Technical tables and free downloads are available here.

You can also buy the steel tap wrenches with and without vial in our online shop: GSR all-steel tap wrenches with centring eye.

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What is the basic advantage of a steel type tap wrench ? Why do you need all-steel tap wrenches ? And how do they differ in use from the conventional zinc die-cast tap wrenches? On the differences between all-steel tap wrenches and zinc die-cast tap wrenches.

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GSR Windeisen komplett aus Stahl mit versenktem Zentrierauge Libelle