Responsible handling of our environment – a matter close to our heart.

GSR Gustav Stursberg GmbH has an important responsibility for sustainable development as a business enterprise – that is why the issue of the environment occupies an important place in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Environmental governance

GSR has set itself high environmental protection targets and is continuously working on a steady improvement of the company and its treatment of our environment. We are not only certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015. We have also completely converted our lighting to LEDs in order to reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, our company vehicles are equipped with the most modern catalytic converters, with an engine capacity of max. 2.0 litres. In order to reduce waste, we make sure that our goods are packaged in a way that can be recycled and that fits perfectly, and we only use harmless auxiliary and operating materials. Compliance with all applicable standards and legal regulations is a matter of course for us.

However, we also strive to show a healthy awareness of our environment outside of our operational processes. All employees do without plastic bags, cling film, etc. and use reusable dishes for their snacks and meals. In the company’s own garden, a compost heap has been created to reduce the amount of residual waste. The open spaces are also equipped with raised beds, a flower meadow is planted and native fruit trees are planted to promote biodiversity.

Certificates Environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Organic mono-material packaging


Our tools’ cardboard packaging was designed with the aim of minimising the environmental impact of sales packaging. It consists exclusively of printed carboard and can easily be disposed with the waste paper.

Our environmentally friendly packaging is not only available for our holding tools, but also for short machine taps and even entire tap sets.

Paperless office

A sustainable approach to our environment starts with small things – also in the office. For this reason, we are careful to restrict paper consumption in our offices to the bare minimum, with the aim of eventually eliminating it completely. Invoices and other documents are created and sent digitally, and the printing of documents is completely eliminated wherever possible.

In addition to sustainability, the efficiency of a paperless office is crucial for us – documents and projects are stored centrally, so that teamwork is smoothly possible even from the home office or during a business trip. Helpful tools, such as a document management system and messenger service, shorten work paths and make daily work much easier.

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