Threading tools for private label and trading companies

As a supplier to all leading trading companies in Germany, we know the demands of this customer group very well. A high level of delivery readiness combined with an outstanding price-performance ratio has enabled us to steadily expand our leading position in this sector in recent years.
In detail, we can offer you the following services as a specialised dealer:

Threading tools for your private label

As a manufacturer of threading tools, we are able to create unique selling points for your private label because we manufacture the products from scratch. We can help you build a private label brand for platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Conrad or your own online shop.

Laser inscriptions, colour ring markings or special requirements for the cutting geometry are examples of these unique selling points for the product itself.

Threading assortments can be individually designed. The packaging can be adapted or newly developed according to your corporate identity. These design services are also offered in-house.

Point of Sale Support for your Private Label

The Point of Sale (POS) is where the decision is made: to buy or not to buy. This is just as true for online retail as it is for the retail shop. Or for the mixture of both. Bricks and clicks as a trendy new element.

That’s where we stand by your side with a threading range for self-service sales with product information in the form of video films, info brochures and operating instructions.

Content as a service for your private label

For each product, we have compiled more than 50 data elements. With this unique basic information, we can fill your databases according to your needs. The assignments are also tailored to the needs of online trade. You can generate filter functions and improve your search results with a wealth of keyword suggestions. This also includes high-quality product images as well as videos.

We provide documents for training and further education as well as access to our internal learning portals with product training and application notes on machining.

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Research and development for your private label

Our F&E team works with the latest technology and thus we can advance product developments in no time at all or even develop completely new products according to your ideas. You can literally take our functional 3D models in your hands. This enables you to make quick decisions in product meetings. This approach keeps development costs low and accelerates the market launch of the product.

Quality assurance for your private label

For taps and rounds die, product marking of tracking numbers is one of the standard elements of a well-organised quality assurance.

This way, in the event of a possible complaint, we can determine from which production batch the product originates and thus easily identify all affected products in the warehouse. We take the monitoring of compliance with legal requirements just as seriously.

Here, the REACH conformity of all parts should be mentioned in particular.

Logistics and supply chains for your private label

Logistics is becoming increasingly important and diverse for private label sellers and trading companies. We can offer you all variants in this regard.

Dropshipping is no foreign word for us. But the supply chains between our production sites in Europe and Asia also function smoothly. A large distribution warehouse in the tool city of Remscheid also provides sufficient buffer.

Certification for your private label

We have done our homework to be an A-supplier. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 have been part of the basics of a certified process flow for years.  TÜV/GS certificates can be prepared if required by the customer. Our entire thread cutting range is manufactured according to DIN.

GSR – One-stop shopping for your private label business

With GSR, you gain a professional and experienced business partner at your side who supports you in the complete value chain.
value chain. We adapt to your individual corporate design specifications and will be happy to advise you on private labelling solutions.

Your advantages:

  • Customisable according to your corporate design
  • Choice of tool colour
  • Individual tool markings with laser or pad printing
  • Packaging design according to your specification and EU directive
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Service from A-Z

We accompany the launch of your product!

Professional retail customer support

We are your reliable partner!

Customisable according to your CI

We listen to your wishes!

Get in touch with us today!


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