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Winner: World Tool Awards 2022 for our e-Tapping product range

Our GSR e-Tapping range consisting of QC adapter, SC adapter and Silver round die set for threading with the cordless drill was this year awarded the WORLD TOOL AWARD in the Professional class PROFESSIONAL 2022.

GSR E-Tapping Product Line

GSR Gustav Stursberg GmbH has set a milestone in the tool industry with the new e-tapping product line in terms of mobile threading with cordless drills.

Background: The availability of powerful cordless drill drivers has increased significantly in recent years. It was therefore obvious to check which requirements are necessary to be able to cut threads precisely and according to standards with cordless drill drivers. And, best of all, this should be compatible with all common cordless screwdrivers (independent of supplier and system).

This is how a new product range called e-Tapping was created from the GSR think tank.

GSR Wins Assortments of the World Tool Awards

QC adapter female thread

7-piece QC-Adapter Set (B00666050) consisting of the QC threading adapter for quick-change inserts with matching and removable hexagonal shank. Its removal allows the QC adapter to be converted for B12 drill chuck tapers. In addition, the set includes six matching quick-change inserts with integrated safety slip coupling.

The inserts can be used to clamp machine taps to DIN 371 and DIN 376 from metric M3 – M12.

The matching Silver machine taps with innovative cutting geometry for universal use can be found separately in our shop at: Silver machine taps.

SC-Adapter External Thread

7-piece SC-Adapter Set (B00667150) with round die guides for M3 – M10. The set consists of an SC adapter with a round die holder for cutting irons according to the factory standard 25 x 9 mm (DIY cutting irons) and a three-face shank. In addition, the set includes guides with a chip container. The chip container prevents a chip jam between the round die and the guide.

GSR Silver round die set

Matching our SC adapter set, our 7-piece Silver Round Die Set (B09120010) has won an award.

This round die set includes 7 pre-slotted dies according to form B from M3 – M12 in the factory standard size 25 x 9 mm. Silver is the name of our product line with improved cutting geometry. The Silver round dies can be used universally, have an enlarged gate diameter and a peel cut on both sides. The surface is black because it is vaporised or nitrided. This ensures a longer tool life and better adhesion to the cutting material. The set is optionally available in HSS-VAP or HSSE-VAP.

All our sets are packed in break- and impact-resistant boxes and contain operating instructions for professional use.

Professional tool deserves professional class

We are particularly pleased to have been awarded the WORLD TOOL AWARD in the PROFESSIONAL class. In the PROFESSIONAL class, the jury awards tools that have been designed for professional use and are aimed at corresponding professional users.

The Golden WORLD TOOL AWARD is awarded only once in each product group. For easier identification, the PROFESSIONAL class is also marked in red.


The WORLD TOOL AWARDS are awarded annually. With the awards, the expert jury distinguishes products that stand out from the competition through new ideas or technologies, precise and durable processing quality, the use of high-quality materials and an outstanding price-performance ratio.

You can find the jury’s assessment on this page: WORLD TOOL AWARD