GSR guides for internal and external threads

    Our GSR guides for internal threads and external threads are the perfect helpers for cutting threads quickly, reliably and, above all, plumb. The use of guides makes sense especially for professional end users in industry and diy.

    In the following text, we present 4 different guides for thresding tools.

    Each guide is suitable for a specific application:
    Hand tap guides
    are for internal tapping.
    Tap guides are for external tapping.
    Pilot guides are adapters for die holders and die guides.

    Tapping die guides with chip container are intended for external thread cutting in combination with the SC adapter and cordless drill.


      GSR hand tap guides for internal threads

      Lot-fair thread cutting with GSR hand tap guides.

      The GSR hand tap guides are made of high-quality zinc die-cast and have the shank dimension of the tap in the upper area. In the lower area you have two supports attached at right angles, which ensure the right plumb and which can be fixed by hand when tapping. Right plumb tapping works even with very short taps. The GSR hand tap guides are made of zinc die-cast according to the factory standard and areavailable in 2 versions – for hand taps according to DIN 352 and hand taps according to ISO 529.

      Detailbild: GSR Handgewindebohrer Führungen und Gewindeschneider in unterschiedlichen Größen zum Innengewindeschneiden

      GSR die guides for external threads

      The GSR die guides for external threads are the counterpart to the hand tap guides. They are also manufactured according to factory standard in the zinc die-casting process. The guides correct the “skewing” and ensure a straight cutting direction running to the axis. The guides for cutters are simply fixed together with the cutter in the cutter holder. The guide tube has exactly the bolt diameter of the size of the thread to be cut. This ensures that the gate is plumb and the thread flanks are cut cleanly. The incorporated chip holes ensure optimum chip removal. They are designed for both left-hand thread and right-hand thread.

      Available in 2 versions:

      • Tapping dies according to DIN EN 22568 (M3 – M12) / DIN 223
      • Cutting irons with an outer diameter of 25 x 9 mm (M3 – M12) factory standard

      GSR die guides with chip container for machine use

      The chip container guide is specially designed for external thread cutting in combination with SC adapter and cordless drill.

      The chip container prevents chips from jamming between the die and the guide during thread cutting. After tapping, the guide can thus be easily removed from the SC adapter.
      Due to the larger distance between the die and the guide tube, the chips cannot accumulate or jam, even when using dies with a peel cut (peel cut – the chips are discharged to the front).

      They are also made of zinc in a die-casting process according to factory standard. And they are adapted for dies 25 x 9 mm.

      Of course, the die guide with chip container is suitable for left-hand thread and right-hand thread. As with the other guides, the guide tube is adapted according to the bolt diameter.

      GSR pilot guides for die holders

      The GSR pilot guide was developed to simplify handling during thread cutting. This is because when external thread cutting with a die and die guide, the guide together with the die is inserted into the holding tool and then fixed. The guide lies under the die. After the gate has been cut, the entire construction must be taken apart again before thread cutting can continue. To do this, all 5 screws must be loosened again and the die and the guide removed. Then the die has to be put back in and all the screws have to be tightened again. This means additional annoying work and loss of time for the user.

      The GSR pilot guide is the solution to this problem. The pilot guide fits perfectly on the die holder and is fixed with the corresponding locking screws. The die guides can now be inserted and removed easily and in just a few steps.

      To do this, they are simply pushed into the guide slot of the pilot guide and fixed in place with a half turn. The plumb cut can be made and the die guide can then be easily removed again.

      The GSR pilot guides are made of a carbon hybrid material and are 3D printed to fit GSR holding tools 20 x 5 (for dies M3 – M5) up to 38 x 14 (for dies M12). This is a special production from GSR.Made in Germany.

      GSR die guides with chip container for thread sizes up to M36 and BSP / G 1 inch

      The die guides with chip container are also called gate helpers. This is a product development from the GSR think tank.

      This guide system differs from the other guides in that, for the first time, metric thread sizes up to M36 and BSP pipe threads up to one inch can be cut plumb. Furthermore, the components are modularly expandable and additively manufactured.